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On this webpage you will find the Lanters genealogy in the Netherlands. The origin of the family name Lanters or Landers is not yet clear. Possibly it find it's origin in the name "De Lanter", this means something like a man whose working in the fields or possibly it find it's origin in the german word "Land herr" what means land lord.

All persons with the lastname Lanters in the Netherlands do have the same genealogy. The first member we are sure about, is Johannes Landers, van Lander or Lanters. Johannes was born about 1695, in Didam in the east of the Netherlands, he died on the 2nd of september, 1764. He married in about 1718 to Theodora Hoen and they had 4 childeren. Only one of his children, Gerrardus born august 1722, had children from his own that carried on the Lanters name. The other children from Johannes were female or didn't have children (as far as we know).

With Gerrardus son, Ludovicus, a more history is available to where people with the last name Lanters can find their origin. Ludovicus was born on the 7th December, 1756 in Didam, he died there on the 30th of December, 1826. With his first wife, Elisabeth Brugman, and his second wife, Bernardina Knellissen, he had 9 sons and 3 daughters.
2 of Ludovicus sons carried on the family name Lanters. Arnoldus (*09-11-1799 to 08-03-1863) from whom descendants live in Didam, Doetinchem, Wehl, Nieuw Wehl, Meerveldhoven, Groenlo, Hengelo (G), Emmeloord, Drempt and Deventer now. From his second son Albertus we will find descendants in Kilder, Didam, Bladel, 's Heerenberg, Zevenaar, Azewijn, Doetinchem, Eindhoven, Middelbeers, Amersfoort, Best, Vessem, Veldhoven and Melbourne (Australia).

By the way, the first member of the genealogy Johannes, did have a brother named Franciscus (*~1695). He did have a son named Bernardus Lanters. We are not sure if Bernardus did or did not have childeren. It is possible that he had childeren, but that he changed his family name! Before 1810, when the register of the civilians was made obligatory, this was normal in the Netherlands. When someone moved to another house or started another profession, sometimes he their last name changed too!.

You will find all informatie of the Lanters genealogy when you click here. If you want a document you can print, please download it here. If you want a graphical presentation of the genealogy you can print and put together, please download it here.

A little family tree of Lanters where I belong to.

Name Born Died Wife Married

Hendrick de Lanter circa 1638 ?    
Berrnt Lanters 07/03/1658 ?    
Johannes, Joannesof Joes Lanters circa 1695 02/09/1764 Theodora Hoen circa 1718
Gerrardus Landers of Lanters 00/08/1722 17/11/1758 Anna Margaretha Daems of Daemen 05/09/1741
Ludovicus Lanters 07/12/1756 30/12/1826 Bernardina Knellissen ?
Arnoldus Lanters 09/11/1799 08/03/1869 Hendrina Derksen 05/11/1830
Fransiscus Lanters 12/01/1845 08/11/1918 Hendrika Jansen 04/07/1874
Arnoldus Lanters 16/07/1876 16/04/1969 Johanna Boerboom 14/10/1904

This genealogy is made possible with the kind assistance of Anja Korff, José Strik-Lanters and Sharon Owen.

This genealogy is not complete! Especially for the period after 1920, due to privacy rules. Would you like more information or if you have new information about the family name Lanters please send me an e-mail!

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